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Roxy’s second home

Well, after a bit of a break, we’re back, and with a pooch we’ve featured before. Say hello again to Roxy, enjoying the newly opened Record Café on North Parade, Bradford. The lucky lady also got treated to some gravy bones but seems quite content just to sit under the table listening to the tunes… Thanks to Andrew for the photo!

Roxy's second home

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Master of disguise

Master of disguise


Owenand guinnessBack again to New Orleans, fast becoming dogsinpubs’s favourite US city! They certainly seem dog friendly there! We’re in the The Crown and Anchor English Pub where they have loads of pub dogs, just like England! We’re not sure why this particular pub pooch feels the need to wear disguises, maybe he’s on Pubwatch? But he certainly has a way with the ladies! Thanks to @CrownAnchorPub for the photo!

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