Hunde in Kneipen

This little fella’s stopping off for a kölsch in Dusseldorf, Germany as dogsinpubs goes international yet again! Easy on that buddy, it’s lovely stuff! Thanks to @DannyLast for this great photo.

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2 Responses to Hunde in Kneipen

  1. Stoffers says:

    Dear Editor,
    no question about the greatness of a poodle in a Düsseldorf pub. I like this picture.

    But please, Altbier is the beer of choice around Dussers, not Kölsch. Ordering a Pils(ner) or Weizen is fine, too. But asking for a Kölsch (the beer of choice in rival city Cologne) will at best be met with bewilderment. And with mere hostility if the bar staff have a bad day.

    No offence meant. After all, this website is about dogs in pubs, not beers in pubs.
    I’m just wondering where this @DannyLast type got his information from. To say the least, he doesn’t seem to be well travelled – or perhaps is just a wine drinker.

    Kind regards from Germany,

    • Pub Dog says:

      Thanks for the comment Stoffers. It was me that mentioned Kölsch, not Danny, so I’m to blame! Obviously I wrongly assumed it was the beer of choice for that region with the two cities being so close. I’ve been to both Cologne – where I enjoyed the Kölsch – and also Dusseldorf and greatly enjoyed both cities. My apologies for this faux pas regarding these two rival cities!

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